If there is a Christmas miracle it is this: In a magical city at the Northwest Pole where music is king there are two fantastic bands that howl and twang. They’re called The Maldives and The Moondoggies. Each year, in the spirit of togetherness, they join forces and put on a grand show called The Maldoggies […]

by Sean Jewell :: I spent most of the year listening to Valerie June‘s Pushing Against A Stone, so I missed one of the other great albums Dan Auerbach produced called All Or Nothin’ by Nikki Lane. It’s vintage sounding, and ultra-cool, and it’s a huge improvement in sound from her last album Walk Of […]

by Sean Jewell :: Chadwick Stokes hit the music world right in the sweet spot back in 1994. During the rise of Napster and the troubadour revival, he teamed with Pete Heimbold and Brad Corrigan to form folk rock group Dispatch. Their level-headed protest songs and dreamy sing-a-longs went viral before that was even a term. I remarked […]

by Sean Jewell :: Courtney Barnett‘s double EP Sea of Split Peas seems to be one of the most confusing albums for critics to write about in 2014. Her appeal as a singer-songwriter is undeniable, but frequently the conclusion of many a writer is that she’s an adorable slacker with a few great pop songs. Listening closely […]

by Sean Jewell :: This is not neo-soul. This is Stax style/Hi Studios/Royal real-deal Memphis soul. Frazey Ford‘s new Indian Ocean is the best work she’s ever done. Give her credit for finding her way to Royal Studios in Memphis, and enlisting Al Green‘s (and Hi Studio’s) original band The Hi Rhythm Section to get the sound […]

by Sean Jewell:: Thoroughly amazing Alabama rock n rollers The Banditos will be gracing Seattle with their very southern presence at two separate, excellent venues this week. If you haven’t heard them, have a look-see at the video above, then clear your calendar, let the boss know you won’t be worth a damn at work, […]

by Sean Jewell :: In music style goes a long way, and one band that is oozing style from every pore is Australia’s The Preatures. The first time I heard them I smirked with suspicion, one minute later I was smiling, and by the end I was pulling out every early ’80s dance move I could think of. […]

They’ve been described as slapdash, slipshod, overeager, self destructive, and even self involved. Oddly, that’s precisely why we love them. As legend has it, this feral roots band walked out of the wilderness of Woodstock New York and stormed the city’s subways with their heady brand of roots music, that wanders and wobbles, wheezes and rocks. […]