As promised we have a very cool offer for you for Kuinka’s Stay Up Late EP release party! Formerly known as Rabbit Wilde (and before that Br’er Rabbit), this group has had our hearts since day one, rocking out cosmic roots and become renowned for their intense, fun live shows. Kuinka’s new EP was recently […]

by Sean Jewell:: Freak out on this Molly O’Day archive over at, where you can download the highest quality recordings from 1945 I’ve ever heard for free. The Kentucky born West Virginia mountain sytle country singer led some hot bands, played guitar and banjo, and was highly sought after. She knew ol’ Hank from their radio […]

by Mike Wohl: feature photo by Mary Matheson (ed. note: Contributor Mike Wohl caught up with Vancouver, BC based The Burying Ground band leaders Devora Laye and Woody Forster to talk about making the crossover from punk to folk, historic inspiration, and political motivation. American Standard Time is proud to Present The Burying Ground, Annie […]

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by Bruce Lagerquist:: In the  early 1950’s when Cajun and Creole music met  rock and roll a new genre was born, Swamp Pop. Out went the accordian and fiddle of the old bands, and in came the saxophone, electric guitar and piano of the new. Teens flocked to clubs like the Green Lantern in Lawtell, […]

by Sean Jewell:: I’ve heard so many good songs about drugs this year that it might be time to put together a playlist. Most of them are sad, but it’s been truly exciting to see folk music, rock and blues swing back towards the cultural realities that defined them in the first place. Of course […]

I assure you my email inbox contains multitudes. When the alien archaeologists unearth my gigs worth of downloads they’ll know that the music industry may have died, but the musicians were alive and well, making fantastic music. Not much is known about Lauren Ruth Ward. She left home in Baltimore to sing in L.A. Her […]

Blister Steel is set to release June 2nd, but Portland‘s masters of surreal, cinematic roots have blessed us with a single called “My First Name”. About which Josh McCaslin, the nine piece band leader, says: – “written a few years ago when I was extremely poor, young, and had been scammed out of all my money on […]

by ML Ray Harvest, Neil Young’s fourth album, was released in early 1972.  It topped the Billboard album charts for two weeks, produced the number one single “Heart of Gold”, and was the best-selling album of the year.  What is mostly unknown is that Young did not originally intend to release, or even record, Harvest.  If he had listened […]

by Sean Jewell :: We’re loving this country blues track from Canadian father & son duo Bill & Joel Plaskett. They’re individually remarkable musicians: Bill a lifetime player of folk music, and music impresario,and  Joel a rocker and label-head, and this is the first time the two have conjured a full-length recording together. Solidarity was […]