by Sean Jewell: AST is proud to premier the track “Lonesome” from Vancouver B.C. band Petunia & The Vipers forthcoming Lonesome, Heavy and Lonesome. Prominent Northwestern players, The Vipers are a hobo-jungle orchestra making a ragtime-psych sound. Petunia’s voice is somehow deep and nasally, his snarl is sardonic, dark and beautiful. On “Lonesome” Petunia & […]

Even if you don’t know Kalenda you’ve heard some version of “Allons Danser, Colinda” in modern music — she’s the girl every boy wants to dance with, that angers other women. It’s a tale as old as people, and has as many versions. Even if you don’t know Lost Bayou Ramblers, you’ve felt the push of […]

By Sean Jewell :: Turn on your ears and shut your mouth for a second, goddamnit. American Standard Time is so proud to present to you the opening track from King James & The Special Men‘s forthcoming album Act Like You Know. “Special Man Boogie” opens way down at the deep end of the piano, […]

Here. We made a spotify playlist for you. With the exception of a few as-yet-unreleased songs (which you’ll have to tune in next week for) you too, can go inside The Roadhouse with Greg Vandy and experience the best in American roots music past and present. This week Vandy put together a nice little vignette […]

by Sean Jewell :: Lauren Ruth Ward belts with snarling, distorted, electric guitar “It was awkward as f-minor the first time I saw you naked” in the opening line of “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”, her heavy new track. It has all the elements of powerful rock ‘n’ roll. Rolling toms, driving electric, vicious back beat. The […]

by Sean Jewell:: Freak out on this Molly O’Day archive over at, where you can download the highest quality recordings from 1945 I’ve ever heard for free. The Kentucky born West Virginia mountain sytle country singer led some hot bands, played guitar and banjo, and was highly sought after. She knew ol’ Hank from their radio […]

by Mike Wohl: feature photo by Mary Matheson (ed. note: Contributor Mike Wohl caught up with Vancouver, BC based The Burying Ground band leaders Devora Laye and Woody Forster to talk about making the crossover from punk to folk, historic inspiration, and political motivation. American Standard Time is proud to Present The Burying Ground, Annie […]

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by Bruce Lagerquist:: In the  early 1950’s when Cajun and Creole music met  rock and roll a new genre was born, Swamp Pop. Out went the accordian and fiddle of the old bands, and in came the saxophone, electric guitar and piano of the new. Teens flocked to clubs like the Green Lantern in Lawtell, […]