By Sean Jewell :: David Balatero is the bassist/cellist who’s worked with indie folk group Song Sparrow Research, and forays into beautiful experimental music we greatly admire. He sent this great new track along from his latest pop/funk group Sister Girlfriend. I immediately gravitated to it because, man, it’s a disco throwback. Why the heck would […]

by Sean Jewell:: Food and music frequently intersect. Patti LaBelle has written several cookbooks. Loretta Lynn wrote one. The Doors‘ song “Soul Kitchen” is about Jim Morrison‘s epic late night meals at Olivia’s, a soul food joint on Venice Beach frequented by cool folks like Linda Rondstadt. Gladys Knight‘s son opened a chain of Chicken & Waffles […]

red beans

Lilli Dennison‘s recipe is now our American Standard Time house recipe. After many parties and grinning guests, we’ve mastered this traditional New Orleans recipe which still stands as a Monday tradition. Back in the day, Louisiana home-makers dedicated Mondays to washing clothes and considered a pot of red beans the perfect thing to let simmer all day. And […]

Big Dig 2014

If you enjoy the mania that’s become Record Store Day but don’t need the manufactured frills, advertised special limited pressings, and the one-day only special purchases of things not really that special, than you’ll LOVE a record show (sometimes called “fairs”). Although all those Record Store Day things are great, why not go purchase the original limited […]

Midnight Preserves Feature Image 2014

Jazz Fest is much more than what goes on at the Fairgrounds in the daytime. The night time is the right time when visiting New Orleans this weekend for the premiere music festival of Louisiana roots and culture and for exploring all the other stuff off-site and around town. Like Midnight Preserves, the annual Jazz […]

Sugar Train

This train was once the main line to the old Pioneer Mill sugar plantation in Maui, which then became a tourist destination offering rides to the old plantation. Now the the mill is closed, a corporation bought all the land around the track and built a golf course, and the Sugar Cane Train is just […]