HWY 101 Road Trip – Part 1 – Crescent City to Eureka By David Kelly:: While Route 66 is the most well known, America has many other classic road trip routes that can still transport you back in time. One of the best is HWY 101, which runs from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific […]

By David Kelly – On a recent trip to Los Angeles, my Sign Geek friends and I spent a lot of time hunting signs. We are like big game hunters, but we shoot signs. With cameras. In five days, I shot over 2000 frames. Southern California has the highest concentration of amazing vintage neon signs […]

By David Kelly:: I have an obsession with Breeze Blocks. Well, Breeze Blocks and a few hundred other things. Breeze Blocks, or Architectural Screen Blocks, are a decorative concrete block used for architectural screen walls and fences. They have been around since the 1930s and became hugely popular in the Mid-Century Modern residential & commercial […]


The Wildwood Music Festival is just a few weeks away. This roots music festival takes place on a farm in the heart of rural Oregon every July. This will be the third year of this home grown event. We spoke with Kim Hamblin, the owner of Roshambo Art Farm, and one half of the team […]

By David Kelly: Games. We all play them. Before phone games, computer games and video games, the world played board games, card games and action games. While old Atari game consoles are pretty cool looking, most of the games are not that fun to play. Sure, many board games are not that exciting either, but […]

Rexall Drugs: Our Most Iconic Pharmacies by David Kelly: When I was born, my dad owned a Rexall Drug Store in the Bay Area. He had worked there during summers in college & after graduating from pharmacy school, he bought into a partnership with his boss. He eventually sold his share & went to work […]

By David Kelly – Americans love their cars. As long as there have been cars, there have been car dealers. But dealerships did not have the money or space to keep an example of every model in every color for buyers to choose from. This is why Promotional cars, commonly referred to as Promo or […]

By David Kelly When Kodak introduced the Brownie line of cameras in 1900, they also gave birth to the snap-shot. Before the Brownie, photography was expensive and complicated, but Kodak made it simple with a fixed lens, no exposure adjustments and easy to load film. This allowed snap-shot photography to take off in popularity. Everyone […]