AST Tracks : Petunia & The Vipers “Lonesome”

by Sean Jewell:

AST is proud to premier the track “Lonesome” from Vancouver B.C. band Petunia & The Vipers forthcoming Lonesome, Heavy and Lonesome. Prominent Northwestern players, The Vipers are a hobo-jungle orchestra making a ragtime-psych sound. Petunia’s voice is somehow deep and nasally, his snarl is sardonic, dark and beautiful.

On “Lonesome” Petunia & The Vipers yodel their way through answering the question “…are lonely and blue the same words to you?” There’s a cantankerous rhythm section that crashes every bar, subdued horns, a slithering accordion, and a slide guitar wobbling down the track. For Petunia and The Vipers “beauty and sadness” ostensibly “go hand in hand”. It’s a sentiment echoed throughout their album. There’s beauty in the cruelty of the streets, sanctity in the cold dark night, destiny in each step that led you to the crossroads where you are.

Look for Lonesome, Heavy, and Lonesome to be out in full at the end of the week, and keep an eye out for Petunia in the new Beth Harrington Project The Musicianer. For now, enjoy being lonesome –as long as you’ve got Petunia & The Vipers you’re in good company.

Petunia and The Vipers are on a September tour starting today: