AST Tracks : Lauren Ruth Ward “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”

by Sean Jewell ::

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Lauren Ruth Ward belts with snarling, distorted, electric guitar “It was awkward as f-minor the first time I saw you naked” in the opening line of “Blue Collar Sex Kitten”, her heavy new track. It has all the elements of powerful rock ‘n’ roll. Rolling toms, driving electric, vicious back beat. The twist is that unlike most rock n’ roll which ranges from suggestive to hokum Ward is veracious: “Thought you found Jesus while I laid there f-f-fakin!” is the very next line.

Rock ‘n’ roll from a female perspective is entirely different here, “I’m a dyke, dated guys, ain’t a crime, I won’t apologize for my tribe”, and her band even brings a psychedelic bridge as Ward explores her personal sexuality through people and places “I’m not the man I should’ve been, on the East Coast”. On top of all that, Wards voice is an incredible wail, harmonious and scratchy at once, so for a song that’s four minutes and twenty seconds long you’ll find yourself wishing it could go on forever. We can’t wait to hear more from Lauren Ruth Ward, who is among an amazing set of LA musicians we’re digging, like Kim Free, and Laura Jean Anderson.