AST Tracks: Bill & Joel Plaskett – “Help Me Somebody Depression Blues”

by Sean Jewell ::

We’re loving this country blues track from Canadian father & son duo Bill & Joel Plaskett. They’re individually remarkable musicians: Bill a lifetime player of folk music, and music impresario,and  Joel a rocker and label-head, and this is the first time the two have conjured a full-length recording together.

Solidarity was released in February and covers a continent’s worth of roots music: English folk, sea-faring culture, protest songs, and rock n’ roll.

“Help Me Somebody Depression Blues” is a song about dark days, and the small inconveniences that add up to one big cry for help. Dark clouds roll in and the surrounding gloom is set to am imposing acoustic guitar attack. The Plaskett’s wail about mental and economic depression that grips us all occasionally, the kind of depression that can only be cured by the music called the blues.

Bill & Joel Plaskett are on a tour around Canada now.