AST Song Premier : Drunken Prayer “What’s Gonna Happen?”

coverby Sean Jewell ::

Drunken Prayer is a strange brew out of Portland, Oregon, a mixture of New Orleans boogie, Southern gothic, California country, and Northwestern noir. Roots in the South and branches in the Northwest make their sound a heady concoction of over-driven electric twang, Bakersfield vocals, and sardonic lyrics, and their latest effort The Devil & The Blues  is the sound of a band playing while the world burns down around them. Lead singer Morgan Geer has made the kinds of friends that could turn the apocalypse into one hell of a party. With the help of folks like Dallas Good (The Sadies), and Freakwater, Drunken Prayer sounds like a drunken backslide down the fret boards of hell. As someone who takes his country with a shot of gravitas, I mean that in the best possible way.

On a lighter note, Fluff & Gravy‘s inaugural band has shared with us one of the scarier/fun songs off the new album called “What’s Gonna Happen?” on which Geer ponders exactly that in the company of the Devil himself, as well as “the man on the hill.” The answer, it seems, is also the question; what’s gonna happen is gonna happen. Fortunately with the quest comes the realization that when reborn we can “trade your halos in for horns, ’cause it doesn’t matter what side you’re on.”

All this in a slurry of rockin’ back-beat, bluesy licks, filthy slide guitar, and angelic harmonies to boot. From Morgan:

“This is another ‘big picture’ song, right up the Drunken Prayer alley. What’s gonna happen, what is happening – it’s pretty crazy to exist. It’s a feel good song about separate meetings with  God and the Devil. The middle part is lifted from the bridge of ‘Raunchy’ by Bill Justis”

“Hit the ground, or hit the town” but give a listen to Drunken Prayer somewhere in between. I implore you.

The Devil And The Blues is out on Fluff & Gravy Records August 21st. See them live later this month in North Carolina. Pre-order the album here.