AST Premier: The Parson Red Heads “TV Surprise”, Expanded Blurred Harmony Issue Coming


Today AST is proud to premier a new track from The Parson Red Heads. The punchy psychedelic rocker “TV Surprise” is one of two tracks to be included on the coming expanded edition of their 2017 album Blurred Harmony.

About the song, frontman Evan tells us:

“TV Surprise” is a song that’s been around for probably 10 years at least, maybe more. It’s got a real Felt / Feelies vibe to it that I really like – those are two bands that we were just starting to get into around the time I wrote the song, so it’s no surprise that was coming through. The abstract feel of the lyrics is the thing that ended up making it not a perfect fit for inclusion on the Blurred Harmony album sequence, but Danny (O’Hanlon, who mixed the record), did a really great job creatively mixing the song – he added a lot of the textures that make this recording of the song have such a cool atmosphere and mood. Fun fact – the ambient sound drone that opens the song is a combination of a Casio Keyboard, vacuum cleaner, bass guitar, and my 5 year old son George recorded into my Tascam 4-tracker and slowed down.”

You may have heard The Parson Red Heads tracks “Sunday Song” and “Coming Down” on The Roadhouse on KEXP, which we received in June and immediately tagged with the honorific “stoner deluxe” for their in-pocket rhythms, swirling harmonies, and retro charms.

Look out for the Blurred Harmony Expanded Edition out on December 9th on Fluff & Gravy Records.