• sherry pendarvis

    The Queen Of Pendarvia

    The AST Interview by Greg Vandy:: Pickathon is just weeks away! August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd @ Pendarvis Farm Happy Valley, Oregon. Single Day Tickets Are Still Available in a very limited amount  - http://pickathon.com/tickets  ...

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  • pharis & jason romero

    Pharis & Jason Romero On The Farm

    Pickathon is coming. It’s the weekend of Aug 1-3rd on Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon just east of Portland. This “On The Farm” session was captured last year and ...

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  • country-funk-cover-620

    More Country Funk: Vol. 2, 1967-1974

    Despite what Jess Rotter’s charming inside cover illustration would lead you to believe, the union of country and funk did not arrive via two rambling dogs—Belle and Cosmic—who met on ...

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  • Race

    Game On!

    By David Kelly: Games. We all play them. Before phone games, computer games and video games, the world played board games, card games and action games. While old Atari game ...

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  • Big Grand Coulee

    The Big Grand Coulee

    Not only is it Summer Festival season, but it’s also time to start planning summer road trips! This trip through the big rocks, lakes, and a great big Dam is a wonderful ...

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May We Suggest

  • AlelaDiane

    Let The Summer Festival Season Begin!

    Let’s do this! As the summer progresses, we’ll feature these outdoor music festivals individually as they happen, but for now, here’s a brief synopsis of what we look forward to ...

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More Stuff

  • red beans

    Red Beans & Rice

    Lilli Dennison‘s recipe is now our American Standard Time house recipe. After many parties and grinning guests, we’ve mastered this traditional New Orleans recipe which still stands as a Monday ...

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