• scotthbiram_kithfolk

    Scott H. Biram’s Rambling Ways

    By Devon Leger :: Scott H. Biram is known for his electrifying one-man band stage sets where he tears through old-time country, blues, gospel, hillbilly, and gut-crunching electric roots, banging ...

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  • cooper_dip

    Buy These Records: Alice Cooper

    By Scott Giampino :: Quite honestly, these two back-to-back releases by the Alice Cooper Band are two of the best rock and roll albums ever released! Hard to believe that ...

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  • great peacock

    This Flock Rocks: Great Peacock

    By Sean Jewell:: You ever heard a peacock squawk? It’s awful. It’s nowhere near as invigorating or pleasant as the band Great Peacock. I could listen to them all day. ...

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May We Suggest

  • dripping springs kris john waylon

    Texas Monthly And Outlaw Country

    By Sean Jewell :: While we admit to being late to the party (something we’re rarely accused of) we couldn’t resist sharing this article we stumbled upon from 2012 by ...

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  • BB1

    Mid-Century Breeze Blocks

    By David Kelly:: I have an obsession with Breeze Blocks. Well, Breeze Blocks and a few hundred other things. Breeze Blocks, or Architectural Screen Blocks, are a decorative concrete block ...

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  • red beans

    Red Beans & Rice

    Lilli Dennison‘s recipe is now our American Standard Time house recipe. After many parties and grinning guests, we’ve mastered this traditional New Orleans recipe which still stands as a Monday ...

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